Summer race

Oil and pastel, 2007..

The eye of the sea

Acrylic, 2008.

Split sailing school

Acrylic and oil, 2007.

Other side of the wall dubrovnik

Acrylic, oil and pastel, 2009.

Summer chasing winter

Acrylic and pastel, 2009.

Cool off

Acrylic, 2010.

Stone home

Acrylic, 2008.


Oil and acrylic, 2006.

See grass

Oil, 2005.

Summer afternoon

Acrylic, 2008.


Oil, 2006.

Janies garden

mixed mediums acrylic, oil and pastel, 2009.

Croma prizba

Acrylic and oil, 2006.

Olive branch

Oil, 2005.


Oil, 2006.