Roberta Nichol

Robbie Nicol is an impressionist painter creating artwork from her Zagreb studio. She prefers to paint what she knows and experiences on a personal level. Her works are a product of inspiration, exposing what is unique and beautiful from what is often perceived as ordinary or mundane. Working in either oil or acrylic paints has afforded her a level of confi dence in both mediums. Without concentrating on one genre or subject matter, she depicts images from the times we live in. Taking pleasure from reinventing color and composition to suit her personal preference and not adhering too closely to 'the rules' provides room for experiments, interpretation and new discoveries.

Frane i Ivana Mlinar

Each painting tells its own story which captures a moment of reminiscence or an impression transposed into brush movements and explained by colour strokes putting thus the painter's inner world on the canvas. What makes every painting a subjective stimulus is the artist's capability of recreating her worlds and feelings inside ourselves, who are merely observers. Although in these works of art we might recognise something familiar or déjà vu, they keep changing all the time because the hand that paints them is never the same.
I love the feeling of a painting fl oating in my thoughts day after day, its colours fi lling my world and its presence causing happiness and offering beauty which is unfortunately so rare in our everyday life. This is the kind of paintings that Robbie Nicole presents to us. Sincerely and without any fear or reserve she spreads her hand out towards the canvas, taking us to her hidden world by means of a brush and colours. In her expression, dimensions and form are not obstacles, she is open to abstraction and fi guration. Rich and expressive colouring reveals her expressive painter’s sensibility.

Big formats of paintings full of colours and energy can hardly pass unnoticed, nor can the brush movements which trace only the contours of fi guration. On some paintings these contours completely disappear leaving room for abstraction. These are the paintings where she gives her best, where the comparisons are replaced by the search for something completely new. She finds her inspiration everywhere around her - in the blue skies and in the sea, in infi nite dimensions of deep sea and sometimes in human presence. Summer afternoon colours ... beauty of the present being transformed into a lasting experience and timeless reminder. It reminds us of the past when our summers were easy, untroubled and fi lled with all that beauty and joie de vivre we now recognize in her paintings.

Silvija Huljina